how to: gluten free gamer babe-ing

Since the days of Aurelia, Snow, & Bonds, you have been able to find me multiple times a year keeping score next to the visitor’s bullpen, tuning my headphones to Kruk & Kuip, and enjoying a basket of Gordon Biersch garlic fries & a polish dog while cheering on my Giants.

The 2016 season proved a new challenge for me, not only for dealing with the absence of my beloved Timmy (Lincecum) from the rotation, but also for leaving the once-very-familiar zones of AT&T in search of celiac-friendly sustenance in the ballpark. Nervous to take on the ballpark’s booths for fear of cross-contamination or lack of knowledge, I read up online to locate areas that may be possibilities. I pinpointed three possible attack strategies to excel as a gluten free gamer babe.

Strategy Number One: Pack your Own

Going to the game with your family or close friends? AT&T is very accommodating to those who wish to bring their own eats to the park. Celiacs from south of the city can think about packing a nice Asian Box or a salad from Sweetgreen (reviews coming soon) or just packing up a picnic lunch of leftovers for a day game. Throw in some ballpark peanuts & some M&Ms to share.

Strategy Number Two: Visit the Garden

Running from work for the first pitch with a coworker–or better yet–a hot date you met on Hinge? Get out of your seats around the bottom of the third once you’re convinced that Bumgarner has the lineup in knots to take a visit to the newly constructed Garden area. Past the centerfield fence, The Garden not only has a full bar and options for the healthy “normie”, but also boasts an entirely gluten free booth called the Hearth Table. This booth offers gluten free flatbreads, salads, and GF hot dogs. Because the booth is entirely gluten free, I felt at no risk of cross-contamination!

Over 21 and your throat itching for a nice ballpark brewski? Pair your dog or flatbread with a gluten free beer, of which there are two options. AT&T’s Hearth Table offers the entirely GF Redbridge beer & the Omission beer which is “crafted to remove gluten” and should probably be avoided by those with more severe allergies. When I visited, I went down to The Garden with my non-GF gal pal and ordered a Redbridge. Upon seeing my naked GF glass, the bartender from the center bar threw on a watermelon piece on the rim so that my friend and I would match.

Strategy Number Three: Visit Section 112

Not willing to stray far from your seats behind home plate? In the section 112 Budweiser Stand, the park also offers gluten free dogs and Omission Beer. Caveat: No watermelon on the rim here, though.

In my first trip back to the park post-diagnosis, I elected to adopt a combination of strategies one and two. I brought a salad from home with me on the train and headed down from our seats in the bleachers to grab a Redbridge mid-game & to check out the Hearth Table! Whatever the strategy was, it seemed to work as the Giants took home a walkoff W after a Pence base knock to shallow right  proved too much for the out-stretched Kemp. Next game, I’ll definitely opt for one of the delicious-looking flatbreads they’re cooking up behind Span’s back in the centerfield Garden!

Now the real question is…How many GF beers can Bochy fit in his ball cap?


Until next home game,

your gluten free (gamer babe) girlfriend






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