brexit or tex mex it

With two weeks of work (& a few too many microwaveable dinners) under my belt, I asked one of my celiatonic gfs to meet up for dinner tonight. As is usual these days, my amazing normie date put the power in my hands. I searched online for options in her neighborhood in Midtown, once again reveling in the sheer number of possibilities for gf date nights in my new home.

Sifting through my favorite search engines, I finally settled on the Mexican restaurant Toloache after looking through their menu–love you lots,! I eventually arrived at the unassuming storefront after weaving through the Midtown jungle of suited financiers & ticketholding tourists. The host confirmed our reservation (very recommended, as the restaurant was full on a Monday night!) and led us to a cute table in the hoppin’ center of the bottom floor. Nearby, non-reservation holders enjoyed margaritas and ceviche at the full bar, while the couple next to us watched a chef at his station in the center back of the dining room.

My non-gf gf and I agreed on a guacamole starter. After initially picking the spicy “roja” option of the three possibilities, the waiter objected right away, citing its soy sauce content as the reason for the lack of gf symbol on the labeled menu. Without even allowing me to fumble for another option after my oversight, the waiter offered to spice up the mild formulation to make what he insisted would be equally tasty. The bus boy brought the corn chips (which he affirmed as GF) & the guac, and we ordered our food as we downed the entire bowl in minutes. When my date ordered a non-gf dish, the waiter even went above and beyond to reiterate that mooching was not an option from her flour-based plate.

But I could only focus on how good hers looked for a few seconds before my plate arrived. I ended up choosing the carne asada tacos (no cheese for GF DF), which come a la carte in a small but scrumptious set of two. In addition to this option, the restaurant boasts some very creative, Americanized Mexican food, with traditional dishes like tacos, carne asada, & paella receiving unexpected twists like cactus salad, Thai basil sauce, avocado fries, kale-jicama slaw, squash, quinoa, and potato gratin. I have to say I’ll surely be going back to try the menu’s expansive options for gfs, but will do so with an additional side of rice and beans.

Bottom Line: Although a little pricy for the serving sizes, the premium is worth it for the confident, knowledgeable staff & ability to alter menu items even if not inherently gluten free. The guacamole was a delicious starter, and the ambience could be equally doable for a date night with a foodie, after-work guac & margaritas, a girls’ night, or a client lunch or dinner. Take your GF gf here and she’ll choose from guacs (no, that plural is not a typo), ceviches, salads, tacos, paellas and more. Your dating life taking a back seat to Brexit? Minutes away from major banks and offices, this place would be perfect for a work lunch or dinner. You’ll be able to guarantee your non-glutened A-game while you seal the deal with your client over gourmet, quick grub! Offices across the city? Be sure to check out Toloache’s 2 other restaurants in Manhattan.


pictured: gf corn chips, gf specially made spicy guac, and one v gorge guac background 


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