sweet mash & kissin’ ass

Running to dinner with the GF parents? This sweet mash and raspberry-glazed, garlic salmon is sure to get you across the threshold (and the next rose at this week’s hometowns @jordanrodgers).

Total prep time: 25 mins

Total wine consumption allowed during prep time: 2 glasses (ok..maybe mugs..)

Total interrogation time: you’re on your own, bud. better make the mash extra sweet.

Peel skin and cut up yams into quarters and fully submerge in boiling water. (Resist urge to place head in boiling water.) Reduce heat to simmer and place lid back on. Let yams simmer for 20 mins. Drain the water from the potatoes, mash with a fork.

While yams are simmering, toss filets of salmon in garlic salt, pepper, chili flakes, and a splash of lemon juice. Spray pan with coconut cooking spray (GF–thanks Pam). Cook salmon 4 mins each side until flaky and opaque at the thickest part of the filets.

Place salmon on top of the mash, rim dish with salad or steamed veggies. Drizzle Annie’s Raspberry Vinaigrette across the entire dish. Serve immediately. Couples well with riesling.


*Extra GF Dating Tip: Ball with a GF (on a Budget): Worried about GF dinner with the winey in-laws?  Head on over to Trader Joe’s Wine Shop in Union Square before you start cooking and pick up a bottle of my favorite, top-rated riesling Kung Fu Girl for under $13.



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