bring your gf to work day: fast casual nyc

it’s safe to say that the phenomenon of “fast casual” has taken the city by storm. NYC’s “fast casual” fooderies can be identified by their hipster decor, fusion flavors, insta-worthy presentation, single $ prices, and–most notably for gfs– their ‘healthy’ choices.

to mark themselves in the FC space, many restauranteurs lean heavily on the city’s rabid desire to be fit, marketing items explicitly as vegan, sugar-free, vegetarian, and gluten free. while it is important for us sensitive celi’s to check for cross-contamination, these places can serve as havens for GF GFs as we rise on the backs of the soul cyclers and dieters to eat delicious (and safe) cheap eats!

so untangle yourself from the frightening tupperware jungle in the corner of that communal office fridge & take my guide (and your gf gfs) to the streets!