meet the gf


Diagnosed with celiac disease in November of 2015, your gluten free girlfriend is just months into a gluten free diet. Admittedly feeling rather discouraged when my favorite pizza places, dives, and diners proved to be danger zones, what had been an immensely adventurous appetite was much diminished and discouraged early on. After these initial letdowns and sourdough withdrawals, I became determined to explore–and thrive–in my new world. It is a constant life of learning and experimentation and positives and negatives, but here I am months later feeling and eating better than ever!

It is my mission that through our relationship, I can show you how you too can eat like the queen (or king) you were before the diagnosis. By sharing the best of the restaurants, products, & recipes I’ve tried thus far, I hope to restore your faith in food & give you the tools to become the foodie you once were. As a native of the Bay Area, your gluten free girlfriend will focus restaurant reviews in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, the greater New York City area where I work, and the New Haven area where I attend school. Not from any of these areas? Have no fear! Your gluten free girlfriend can still help celiacs long distance! In addition to restaurant reviews, I also share quick, easy recipes, the best of the gluten free products I’ve tried, and other little tips & tricks for how to live GF to the fullest!